Cyclistes dans la Grande Guerre

Leeds Wellington Cycling Club[]

Membres Naissance Décès
E. Bristow
D. Lainton
G. Newman
B. Shepherd
F. Thorpe
J.W. Wood
W. Young

Source: Brief history of the Leeds Wellington Cycling Club

  • The beginning of 1914 showed 45 members. 30 served in the forces during the 1914-18 War. Seven lost their lives. Smoking concerts and prize presentations were held from the very early days in 1920. A two-minute silence was observed for the first time at these concerts in memory of the members who had given their lives for their country. This tribute continued to be observed over the next 40 years. A surviving handbook for 1922 revealed a membership of 53. Club runs were organised from March to October on Sundays, some Tuesdays and Thursday evenings only. Impromptu runs on a Sunday were held during the winter months. Also in 1922 a memorial trophy was purchased in memory of the seven members who had lost their lives in the Great War. Their names (*see below) are engraved on the trophy and it was presented annually until very recent years to the winner of the Handicap in the Club’s 25-mile time trial. This trophy is still our most treasured acquisition.

Names honoured on the Memorial Shield:

B. Shepherd, J.W. Wood, G. Newman, F. Thorpe, E. Bristow, W. Young & D. Lainton.

First awarded to E.Green in 1921 with a time of 1-23-31.

Last awarded to Phil North in 1994 with a time of 1-2-06

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